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Read my new book: Energy for Future Presidents, now available at Amazon, and soon at your local bookstore. It includes discussion of Global Warming (the most recent Berkeley Earth results), Fukushima, the Gulf oil spill, details of alternative energy, and suggested energy policy.



Also read my older book: The Instant Physicist. Learn why wine is required to be radioactive to be legal, and why you don't want the greenhouse effect to end.

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New textbook: Physics and Technology for Future Presidents, published by Princeton University Press. This replaces the previous cutom edition. Here is an image:

There is also a popular book (not textbook) Physics for future Presidents

Naked Copenhagen, my Wall St. Journal OpEd

     Cycles in Fossil Diversity
     Core-mantle boundary
     Geomagnetic reversals
     Impacts on the Moon
     Extraterrestrial dust
     Glacial cycles
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     Benthic stack

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