Dumbledore isn't gay

(not that's there's anything wrong with that)

Dumbledore isn't gay! What makes you think that JK Rowling is right when she claims he is? It is a common conceit among authors of novels that they think they can do anything they want with their characters, but it isn't true. The characters come alive and take on a path of their own. I have written and published a novel, and I know this for a fact. JK Rowling may think Dumbledore is gay, but once she started writing, she lost control. She didn't actually write the book; her muse did that. All authors know this. Now she claims Dumbledore is gay, but this is not from her muse; it is from her intellect. She has no more rights to make this analysis than does any outside critic. Read the books yourself. It is obvious Dumbledore is not gay, regardless of the claim of Rowling.