Rich's photo gallery


On this page I am posting photos of my colleagues and students, present and past.

Keep away from rocks!

Jonathan Levine studied physics at Cornell, and geology as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. He is now a graduate student in physics at Berkeley. But, as this photo shows, it is sometimes hard to pursue research if you are going to obey the signs.

Greenland Ice measurements

For the last year, much of my interest has been in measurements of iridium in the Greenland GISP2 ice core. The team for this work consists primarily of Frank Asaro, Dan Karner, Kuni Nishiizumi, and myself. Below is a photo of Frank, me, and Dan, taken on the day we got an initial confirmation of an interesting iridium anomaly.


Tim Culler, working on lunar impacts, chuckles as he looks forward to his thesis advisor having to give up his Mac for a PC, someday, he thinks. Tim finished his thesis in May 2000.

American Astronomical Society meeting January 1998

Several of my students and colleagues bumped into each other at the January 1998 meeting of the American Astronomical Society, and they adhered long enough to take the photo below. In the image are Shane Burns (1985), Rob Knop, Peter Friedman (1986), Saul Perlmutter (1986), Tim Sasseen (1990), Heidi Newberg (1992), and Deepto Chakrabarty. For those who earned their Ph.D. with me, I put the year they did so in parentheses.