Africa Wildlife

In May and June, 2006, we visited Kenya and Rwanda.

I attach a few of the photos I took. Click on any photo to enlarge.

You might want to start by watching the movie of us in the midst of Gorillas in Rwanda.

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P1010840 Leopard in Samburu
Leopard Samburu National Reserve Kenya
P1010698 lion about to spring
Lion, ready to spring, in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.
P1000921 White Rhino
White Rhinoceros Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya
P1010801 Impala
Impala Samburu National Reserve Kenya
P1000962 Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru with flamingos
P1010157 Eland
Eland in front of Lake Nakuru, Kenya with flamingos
P1020369 cheetah hunting
Cheetah hunting in Masai Mara National Wildlife Reserve Kenya
P1020341 cheetah and Topi
Cheetah watching Topi
P1020364 cheetah and tail
Cheetah. Thinking, "What's that? ... Oh, it's my tail."
P1020373 cheetah
Chettah looking for new prey Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya
P1010963 gerunuk
Gerunuk browsing in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
P1010050 buffalo
Buffalo herd, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
P1030409 Silverback gorilla
Silverback Mountain Gorilla Family 13, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda June 2006
P1030167 baby gorilla
Baby Mountain Gorilla Rwanda
P1030384 gorilla family
Mountain Gorilla Family Group 13 Volcans National Park Rwanda
P1030404 Silverback
Silverback, posing Mountain Gorilla Rwanda
P1030424 silverback gorilla
Silverback Mountain Gorilla in pensive pose Rwanda

Click here to see a movie I made
in the mountains of Rwanda
of my family amidst the
mountain gorillas

P1010081 warthog family
Warthog family Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya
P1010414 dik diks
Dik diks Kenya
P1010118 Agama lizard
Agama lizard Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya
P1010171 giraffes
Rothschild giraffes, flamingos, and Lake Nakuru, Kenya
P1020180 ostrich
Somali ostrich
P1010177 ostrich
Somali ostrich Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya
P1010187 zebra and rhinos
Rhinos and Zebra
P1010229 Black Rhino
Black Rhinoceros Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
P1010267 baboons
Baboon and baby
P1010301 flamingos
Flamingos, Lake Nakuru Kenya
P1010390 Elephant and baby
Elephant and baby
P1010758 Elephant family
Elephant family drinking Samburu National Reserve Kenya

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