Carlsbad Caverns
February 2007

Click on any image for a larger version. All but two of the photos were taken without flash, since the lighting provided by the park service was far more beautiful than the flat light of flash. I forgot to bring a tripod, so the photos were taken by bracing against the guard rail, with image stabilization turned on, using the "backlight" setting. My camera is a Panasonic Lumix FZ30. Typical exposures were 1/4 second at f/2.8. The photos were taken February 2007. There are no bats in February (a disadvantage), but likewise there are not many people. That makes it extra quiet in the cave.

P1040465.JPG P1040474.JPG P1040449.JPG
P1040482.JPG P1040467.JPG P1040421.JPG
P1040457.JPG P1040423.JPG P1040446.JPG
P1040433.JPG P1040435.JPG praying angel about to throw a shot-put
P1040441.JPG P1040444.JPG P1040453.JPG
P1040460.JPG P1040478.JPG P1040481.JPG