The required text:
Physics and Technology for Future Presidents. This book replaces the "custom edition" used in prior semesters, and it is cheaper! Only $49.50.:

Don't confuse this book with the popular book that has the similar title:
PffP Norton Website
This is NOT the course text!

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Selected Textbook chapters (Old version. Choose pdf for better printing)
Contents, preface, pedagogy (pdf)
4 Radioactivity (or in pdf)
7. Waves & UFOs (or pdf)
10. Climate (pdf or html)
11.Relativity (or pdf)
Index (or in pdf)
Introduction and Contents (pdf)

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Additional material:
A1. Physics humor
A2. Physics toys
A3 Sept 11
A4 Randomness

Great links:
Check the stories you've heard on Snopes. Are they urban legends?
Astronomy Picture of the Day
How Stuff Works
Muller's other web site
Federation of American Scientists
Stargazers to Starships